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How carbon pricing has our family laughing all the way to the bank

One year on, my real-world experience with an electric vehicle

Why carbon pricing is key to preventing climate disruption

Life cycle assessment, the one sure measure of sustainability

More efficient transportation choices are key to reducing emissions

Coping - and prevailing - in a tumultuous world

How big is your footprint on the planet?

To solve climate change, perhaps we need to live a little lower on the hog

The Great Transportation Revolution 3: Comparing operating costs, emissions and environmental impacts of conventional and electric vehicles

The Great Transportation Revolution 2: How and where electric vehicles can be charged

The Great Transportation Revolution 1: An overview of Battery Electric Vehicles and Plug-in Hybrids

Thou SHALL covet thy neighbour's energy efficiency!

For Canada 150, some Canadian best practices in sustainability

An appeal to Boomers and Gen Xers

What you need - or don’t need - to know about climate change

The big changes coming to how we get around

The true value of trees and forests

Enshrining our right to a safe, clean environment

The future of energy

Beautiful, terrible plastic

Carbon pricing: a user-pay system for our environment

The carbon footprint of your water

The importance of getting the full story

The interesting facts about China and climate change

Investing for a more sustainable world

Carbon and climate change: here's all you need to know

A common value to us, too often forgotten

From over-stuffed to stuff-less

Don't go getting Solastalgic, now

How the arts can raise climate awareness, part 2

For a science guy, an unlikely ally in climate awareness: the arts

Transportation, the starting point for emission reduction

Is it time to rethink 'normal'?

Why heating with wood is good for our economy and our environment

From Defeatism to Doing

A checklist of simple actions anyone can take

Three movies to watch this summer

Our oceans: mysterious, underappreciated and critical

“Yes, and...”: Climate change must be part of the Energy East pipeline debate

Wonderings for summer - or anytime

Now what? Achieving our Paris Accord commitments

Ten years on, some inconvenient and convenient truths

Simple, smart sustainability goals for your business or workplace

The best and last lights you’ll ever buy

For Earth Day, a sustainability game you can play with your friends

From hubris to humility to action

Water, the essential we take for granted

Whether water or energy, quality matters

From paralysis to action

Making it easy to do the right thing

Toward less trash

Climate change facts you can use to impress your friends

Wise words for the holiday season, and beyond

This Christmas, a different kind of wish list

Let's move beyond passive denial to active solutions

To Paris, with hope

Let’s appreciate food for the sacred necessity it is

Think climate action when you vote

Election 2015: how the parties compare on the environment

Energy self-sufficiency for New Brunswick, Part Five: financing the transition

Energy self-sufficiency for New Brunswick, Part Four: transforming transportation

Energy self-sufficiency for New Brunswick, Part Three: homegrown heat

Energy self-sufficiency for New Brunswick, Part Two: a smart grid based on renewables

Energy self-sufficiency for New Brunswick, Part One: a culture of efficiency

A green that’s not so green

Time for an ethical - and economic - revolution

Harnessing the heat of the sun

Free heat from the sun

Bringing solar power home

Solar power: it's time!

NB's emission target: slipping away or within reach?

The race of our time

Finally, I've figured it out: why Hummers drive me nuts

Our shrinking carbon quota

Warning: drastic climate change coming next month

Better design, the key to reducing waste

A contest where everyone wins

It's the perfect time for a price on carbon

What would Jesus say about climate change?

Saving on gas, saving on insurance

Preparing for climate change, part two: resilient citizens

A decision that needs a rethink

Preparing for climate change, part one: resilient communities

Climate science, the human side

The importance of focus in a distracted world

Twenty four reasons for hope

Four policies for New Brunswick's next government

Invest or expend? There's a clear difference

Emergencies and how we respond to them

New Brunswick, 2050: two visions

When it comes to recycling, surely we can do better

Sustainability pays big dividends

Finally, leadership from the US

Emissions reduction: what pays, what costs

Your money or your life

Recycle those batteries

Exhibit One: The case for Earth Day ideals every day

Finally, the electric car

Choosing the greenest new car

Generations of One: a challenge for young people

Schoolyards and smokestacks

Let's bring back the reusable grocery bag

Goodbye incandescents - hello efficiency

The Great Work of our time

A truer spirit of Christmas

Toward more sustainable cities, part two

Toward more sustainable cities, part one

The delicate web of biodiversity

Turning tidal current into electrical current

Poor health for the planet means poor health for us

Pipeline of prosperity or pipeline of poison?

Six critical skills for the future

I still have a dream

Field notes from the front lines

Time to hit the Reset button

Workers we depend on

A much better way to do laundry

The triage of sustainability

Recycle those nutrients

Keeping our tummies full in a warming world

The special case of e-waste

For Earth Day, lessons from a fable

So... what's your carbon footprint?

The biggest barrier

The coming smart grid, part three: the future

The coming smart grid, part two: smart meters, policies and consumers

The coming smart grid, part one: load shifting

Six places we should all visit: part two

Six places we should all visit: part one

2013, a year for radical awakenings

Making life in the carpool lane work

Toward a greener, less stressful Christmas

The Dirty Weather Report

Unlucky Seven

An audacious dare

"You can pay me now or pay me later"

Green power: within easy reach for anyone

Geoengineering, a roll of the climate dice

The Bad, The Ugly - and The Good

Getting off fossil fuels in three simple steps

Three critical numbers

Savings in your kitchen

Are we up for it?

The girls and us

Time to reconnect

Time to change gods

Food security in your backyard

Living Simply, Happily

One Earth

Ahem... just the truth please, Senator

Take the "One Bag Challenge"

Heartlandgate: when the tables are turned

Lessons from a tale of two napkins

Cold, distant - and threatened

Bringing out our collective best

Can't? Or Won't?

Misplaced Millions

Emissions 101

How Not to Get to School

Measure, Then Manage, Your Power Usage

Share and Save

Trust Your Tap

User-pay Garbage Makes Polluters Pay

Warming the Planet to Keep Myself Cool

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